Chiropractic Patient Education

Chiropractic Patient Education Tools

The chiropractic profession's #1 source for effective and memorable patient education tools. Posters, TV Slides, Social Media Content, and Banners - designed for chiropractors by a chiropractic patient turned advocate.

1000 Ready-to-Post Social Media Images

Stop fiddling around with PhotoShop, Canva, and Google Images, and start inspiring patients with BRANDED content that will get you noticed.

These posters are the real deal! They're not just posters, they are artwork. These posters should be hanging on the walls of every chiropracTOR!
— Billy DeMoss
I can't tell you how many times these posters and TV slides were responsible for planting the chiropractic seed into the subconscious of non-believers!
— Nona Djavid
These guys understand our profession’s challenges. Their designs, educational tools, and marketing has exceeded my expectations!
— Deed Harrison
Thanks to MyChiroPractice, I have the most amazing posters hanging in my adjusting bays! I just want to fill my entire office with them. I love them so much.
— Chris Zaino

Organ Relationship Canvas Wrap Poster

Patients will understand WHY chiropractic is more than just pain relief. They will GET THE BIG IDEA and all else will follow.

400 Waiting Room TV Slideshows

Educational. Inspirational. Motivational. Over 400 slides with a mix of chiropractic, wellness, and inspirational graphics BRANDED with your logo.

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From 8 Foot Banners to Tear-Off Pads...

Attract potential patients to your spine screening with our 8 foot tall banner, or send them home with a tear-off pad so they can always remember the power of chiropractic care.

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