Chiropractic Posters: Let Your Walls Communicate the Chiropractic Philosophy

Hundreds - even thousands of people will come in for a consultation, attend a health workshop, or sit patiently in your waiting room this year. Each of them is projected to see 6.5 hours of drug company advertisement on television in 2017. And due-in-part for that reason, the majority will most likely still trust a pill-pushing medical doctor over you.

Retail stores spend millions of dollars to ensure their windows and displays are optimized to grab the attention of potential customers walking by. That 30 feet of window space is their billboard, and they'll do whatever it takes to make sure you'll notice them.

On a recent business trip to the East Coast to visit a potential client (chiropractor), we arrived to a waiting room much like the one depicted below. A late 1970's high-school era clock, a Better Business Bureau plaque and certificate (they mail those to you once you pay them the $100 annual fee), and an uninspired paper poster which requires you to walk up to it, squint, and read the entire message.

Chiropractic Office Design and Waiting Room Posters


That's the typical chiropractor's office. Little or no thought given to what really sets apart their office, and gets people to take notice and learn the chiropractic message consciously or subconsciously. From complicated ra-ra posters quoting BJ Palmer or Tony Robbins, way-over-the-patient's-head nerve charts and vertebrae sketches, to cursive-style 5-liner wall-art explaining the concept of whole-body wellness through chiropractic care. And who do you think looks at those and really understands them? You. Not them.

Possible Solution

Instead of cluttering your walls with clocks, BBB plastic plaques, a frame with your first $1 earned, or posters that don't add any value, consider bold, cool, and to-the-point artwork that potential and new patients will notice, and actually take a few seconds to look at and digest. 

MyChiroPractice Patient Education Poster and Nerve Spine Chart

About a month after our visit to the potential patient's office, we suggested at minimum changing out his current waiting room decor, to the one proposed on top. The results? Nothing short of astonishing!

"I had no idea changing a few decorative elements would change the energy of the office" he wrote. "Instead of patients looking down at their phone, my front desk tells me that some patients are taking selfies with the posters... or taking a photo to show their wife or husband what poor posture can lead to." 

"Most of my new patients now walk into the rehab area and specifically ask about 'cell phone posture' or 'hey doc, do you think my IBS is due to my low back issues?'... great educational posters, and even better conversation starters."

Now, I am not suggesting that every office is going to be as transformational as this one just because of the wall art, but giving people something bold and educational to look at will surely embed the chiropractic message into their subconscious to some extent.

Think about it... you can educate someone for half an hour and explain the chiropractic message without hopefully sounding too "salesy", or you can let them learn and understand the concept of chiropractic without knowing it.

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June 23, 2019 — Ardavan Javid
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