Effects of Forward Head Posture

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Premium Canvas Wrap

These patented 1½ inch thick Premium Canvas Wraps offer a rigid, warp-resistant and lightweight construction, tight corners, enclosed backs, and hanging hardware pre-installed! No framing or mounting needed!

These highly sought-after chiropractic patient education posters are a memorable, approachable, and thought provoking tool, purposefully designed to embed the chiropractic philosophy into the subconscious of the patient.

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Customer Reviews

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Christopher T.
Highly Recommend

As chiropractors we need all the help we need in conveying what our practice and doctors have been preaching for years. I love how we can show the patients these and get an instant reaction. These series have helped me close a few and I'm sure they'll help us give more folks an "aha" moment.

Dr Andrew
great concept

I've enjoyed watching my patients look at this one and ponder what lack of chiropractic care can do to their body!!