Terms and Conditions

No Refunds or Exchanges

We do not stock any inventory of posters at our office. Instead, our printing partners print, fulfill and ship your order directly to you. 

If you change your mind about a poster design or poster material after you've submitted your order (doesn't matter if it's one minute later or one day later), we cannot reverse the fees, issue a refund, or change the order type.

Shipping Damages?

Should the posters arrive damaged, it's most likely a shipping issue. Therefore, you must contact UPS, FedEx or the United States Postal Service (depending on which carrier our printers use), and file a claim with them immediately. Since we are not involved in the actual production and shipping cycle, we would not be able to help in any way.


Our canvas wrap printers offer a limited one year warranty against defects - under normal usage. They cannot however, be responsible for excess wear and tear, shipping damages, dropping, touching, improper hanging, or damage due to dryness, humidity, heat, or cold, dust, insects, nor fading due to direct sunlight our fluorescent lighting.