Return and Exchange Policy

We do not offer any refunds or exchanges on any of our products.

All posters and canvas wrap orders are transmitted electronically to our ON-DEMAND printing partners for IMMEDIATE production as soon as your order is placed. Therefore, double-check the sizes, colors, material, quantities, and shipping addresses prior to placing your order.

The fully automated printing and shipping process cannot be changed, canceled, or intercepted once you complete your purchase. Therefore all sales are final. No returns, exchanges, or rerouting / redeliveries allowed.

Furthermore, MyChiroPractice, its affiliates, and on-demand printing partners DO NOT carry physical inventory, nor have the resources to accept returned packages, store them, exchange them, or reroute / redeliver them. Therefore if your package is misaddressed, marked as "undeliverable", "abandoned", "unclaimed", "no such address", "failed delivery attempts", or "returned to sender" by UPS, USPS, DHL, or FedEx - MyChiroPractice nor it's partners are responsible for issuing you a refund or credit, reprinting them, or redelivering them. Any package thefts must be taken up with local law enforcement, and any misdeliveries or failed deliveries must be taken up with the shipping company.

Finally, there are no returns or exchanges due to minor material or color discrepancies. Printing the same digital file by different vendors, on slightly different material, using different calibrated machines, and different environmental factors unique to their geographical location can result in slightly different outcomes. Posters carry a one-year limited warranty against workmanship, materials, and defects.

For our customized digital items such as TV Slides, or Social Media Posts we can only offer you a refund or exchange if your request is received prior to us sending you the digital files. Any refund requests that are received after the transfer of files has taken place, will be denied.

Shipping Damages?

Should the posters arrive damaged, it's most likely a shipping issue. Therefore, you must contact UPS, FedEx or the United States Postal Service (depending on which carrier our printers use), and file a claim with them immediately. Since we are not involved in the actual production and shipping cycle, we would not be able to help in any way.